Broman razor

The only razor you'll ever need

Easy to use

The Broman Story

The Broman is a precision cast razor that is a heavyweight in both build and quality. The Broman razor features a single, Swedish steel, precision blade that will cut through facial hair, like a knife through butter.

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"The razor is awesome, great design! The pivot really provides a mild feeling shave but with the performance of a mid aggressive razor, whilst giving a great angle. The weight feels very natural. The blades last at least 5 shaves each. Excellent razor for a beginner or an old hand like me. 5 stars"

Jonno E Clark

"I think this razor would make a wonderful addition for anyone wishing to break the chains of Big Cartridge yet not interested in stepping directly into the realm of double edge or bare blade shaving." 


"Why have we waited this long for something so brilliant. And so simple."

David P Miller

"I’m really happy with this purchase. Not only is my razor aesthetically pleasing, I’m also really impressed with the balance and weight of the product. The blades are really easy to install and store nicely in the stand for the Broman. Highly recommend."

Tim Steer

"Simple and ingenious."