The New Mark II Razor

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Easy To Use

What the experts are saying:

"I think it’s a solid addition to your razor collection, if only for the convenience factor alone. If it’s good enough for Frankie, it’s good enough for you." 

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What the experts are saying:

"It was a very nice shave and just a nudge below a DFS. Again, no nicks or irritation. Finished up with Irisch Moos after shave."

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What the experts are saying:

"...applied the cream and then embarked on one of the quickest, cleanest, most comfortable shaves I've had since I started shaving the old-fashioned way. "

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Dave Shaves

The Broman Story

We are a family business headquarted in the United Kingdom. With our background in engineering and after 4 years of design and testing, the Broman razor was born on November 2017 on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Raising over £30,000 from backers all around the world, our unique razor design was put into production and shipped on December 2019. With our commitment to consistently improve and innovate the Broman shaving experience, we announced the launch of the Broman Mark II collection at the end of 2022.

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