Broman Mark II Razor

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The New Broman Mark II razor. The much improved model of the original Broman razor that makes shaving effortless. 

  • Plastic-free, all metal construction 
    • Precision die-cast zinc alloy handle and razor head with a hard-wearing polished chrome coating
    • New improved CNC Stainless steel head flap design with under nose profile. 
  • Quick and easy, neodymium magnetic closure
  • Original pressure sensitive pivoting head design for an easy and effective shaving experience
  • Anti clogging head design 
  • Accepts all half double edge razor blades 
  • Weight 88g (3.1 oz)
  • Length 124mm (4.88")
  • Width 45mm (1.77")
  • Head height 14.7mm (0.58")
  • Designed by Broman in the UK 

Comes with 5 Wilkinson Sword razor blades (Made in Germany) 

Packaged in a rust-proof, galvanized steel tin that can be used as a blade bank for recycling your razor blades.