The Razor Blades

The Broman razor features a single, Swedish steel, precision blade that will cut through facial hair, like a knife through butter.

The razor is soft and gentle on the skin. With a spring-loaded head that pivots to your face like a ballerina. The head funnels shave through stubble and foam with ease, like air through a jet engine!

Swedish steel blades

Our blades are crafted from the finest Swedish steel and cut with the precision single edge. Designed to leave you with one of the smoothest shaves money can buy. Inspired by the traditional wet shave….

The single edge barber razor blade, also known as half a double edge blade, is not a new innovation in itself. However, we believe the traditional quality in single edge blades is still the best in the industry. This is how the Broman razor provides the smoothest shaving experience.

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What happens when you need a new razor blade?

Just flip open the head, replace the blade and snap shut. It’s that easy. As demonstrated below:

The packaging for the razor blades

Your Swedish steel precision blades arrive packaged in a box which cleverly doubles up to become a razor stand. This means your blades are kept conveniently with the Broman razor at all times. Each Broman razor arrives wrapped in a protective wax paper wrapper, which protects the edge of the razor and keeps the blade free of dirt and moisture.

The outer box is a recyclable cardboard box. With years of research, design and testing, our design and engineer boffins have come up with the simplest shaving experience ever! The Broman razor is a modern innovation on a traditional single blade, classic razor. 10 blades are included when you order a Broman Razor, more are available to order here