The Razor Blades

The Broman razor has been designed to use a half of a double edge razor blade. Every Broman razor comes with 5 x Wilkinson Sword double edge blades. 

What is a double edge razor blade?

The double edged razor blade came into popularity in the early 1900’s. They are comprised of a single razor blade with two extremely sharp edges on each side. Due to their low cost, high quality precision and recyclable capabilities, they are arguably the blade of choice for many wet shavers, including most professional barbers. 

There are a wide range of brands and sharpness options available. All are compatible with the Broman razor. 

How to snap a double edge blade in half?

If you have ever visited a barbershop, you will most likely recall the barber snapping a double edge blade in half before inserting the half blade into a straight razor. 

Double edge razors come individually wrapped in paper so you don't have to worry about cutting yourself with this process. Carefully hold the blade on its shortest width between your thumb and forefinger. Gently squeeze and fold the blade over on itself until you hear a "snap'. Now you can remove one half from its paper ready to install into your razor. 

How to load the Broman razor with a blade? 

The Mark II Broman razor has been upgraded to feature a magnetic closure for super quick loading. Simply flip open the stainless steel head flap, insert the blade between the four blade supports with the sharp edge facing down. Then close the stainless steel head flap onto the top of the blade and the magnetic closure will sandwich the blade securely. As demonstrated below: