Broman razor reviews

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See Kensurfs review of the Broman Razor:

Sharpologist's review of the Broman Razor:


  • Easy to use, easy to shave with.
  • Very rapid blade change.
  • You can use any double edge blade you wish, or single edge blades if preferred.
  • Shave experience is forgiving and does not usually lead to irritation with sharper blades.
  • Not terribly expensive.
  • Head shaving is now a breeze.
  • No expensive cartridge heads; after you buy this shaver you only need buy your inexpensive razor blades.
  • Used blades can be recycled at almost any machine shop or metal recycler."

Dave Shaves review:

...."If you're in a hurry, the Broman razor is perfect. The head of the razor pivots so you can attack your face in a somewhat gung-ho fashion, as I did, and not really have to worry about cutting, slicing or gouging yourself. It's the perfect combination of single-edge and cartridge razor, but without the horror of ten, twelve or fifteen-blade***** cartridges and it gave me a great shave in two passes."

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