The Broman Story

A daily necessity for some, an occasional indulgence for others, mastering the art of shaving is no walk in the park. The razor is one of mans most trusted tools - and invention that has evolved over a century. So how is it that many of us today are faced with a poor shaving experience from substandard, over engineered shaving products? A few years ago, we finally became so frustrated with our shaving experience, we decided to do something about it. We recruited the opinions of expert barbers and shaving enthusiasts who consistently explained that a traditional wet shave using a safety or straight razor was the best shave a man can get - and not a multi faceted cartridge razor with a million blades designed by a rocket scientist that we are told on the TV adverts. Moreover, the blades for these razors were extremely low cost and manufactured to an extremely high quality.

Introducing the Broman razor...

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The Broman razor - Innovative razor system that the big shaving companies don't want you to know about.

You see, the cartridge razor is not all it’s cracked up to be. Typically, there are multiple blades lined up like a pack of pit bulls just to nick the whiskers off your handsome chops. Always clogging, replacement blades costing an arm and a leg.  The handle - often cheap and flimsy. To top it off, there’s the nasty razor burn from dragging that cheese grater across your little chinny chin chin. The problem was that the majority men today did not know and did not care to learn how to use a traditional razor, or to angle the head at the required 30 degree angle to their face. They still needed the convenience of pivoting features found on a modern cartridge. The idea for the Broman razor was born. Luckily, we happened to be product and industrial design engineers with years of product development under our belt. After 4 long years of research, design, engineering and testing, we are proud to announce that we at Broman believe we have come up with the simplest shaving experience ever!

The Broman razor and stand to store 6 months worth of blades

The Broman razor

The Broman Razor is a patent pending and design registered product which provides the ease of use of a modern razor with the low cost blades and anti clogging features of a vintage safety razor. A modern innovation on a traditional single blade, classic razor. No subscriptions. No clogging. No nonsense. Just honest, well designed products at a fair price.

Why should you put up with this nonsense in this day and age?

You see, the geezers back in our grandad’s day only had one blade, and they looked as sharp as a tack.

Geezers back in our grandad’s day only had one blade on their razor, and they looked as sharp as a tack.

What you need is a proper tool for the job. An innovative razor that wouldn’t look out of place in a mechanics tool box.

Introducing the Broman…no nonsense shaving

Broman shaving razor for men

The Broman is a precision cast razor that is a heavyweight in both build and quality. The Broman razor features a single, Swedish steel, precision blade that will cut through facial hair, like a knife through butter.

Man using the Broman razor

The razor is soft and gentle on the skin with a spring loaded head that pivots to your face like a ballerina. The head funnels shave through stubble and foam with ease, like an air through a jet engine!

The great news also gents, is that the Broman razor WILL NOT CLOG!

The design thought process

The research and design process of the Broman razor lasted no less than 4 years to find a unique shaving experience that not only out performed the competition but that also looks good but is built with quality in mind.

4 years of design development and testing in creating the Broman razor

Lastly we wanted to abolish the myths in shaving to reveal the truth behind a great a shave isn’t about the number of blades which have been a solid business model for razor brands to profit from over the past 50 years. But there is another way, the Broman way. No nonsense shaving, no clogging and no razor burn.

The Founder of Broman

The brainchild and founder of Broman is industrial designer Dan Skinner. From children's products for LEGO and Disney, watches for Swiss watch brands, to Christmas decorations for Buckingham Palace, Dan has always enjoyed designing and making beautiful products. But it was his own frustrations with his shaving experience which forced him to dive into the shaving industry and develop a new type of razor.

Dan Skinner, Founder of Broman

"Apart from a bad shave, what frustrated me most about the shaving industry was how a century old product with so much evolution has gone from being a beautifully simple and effective product in the early 1900's to an over engineered and cheaply produced one today. Add the fact that modern cartridge blades cost a small fortune, cant be recycled and are fundamentally over engineered. I decided I could do better. The Broman razor is a modern razor using traditional components that has been designed with quality in mind."
Dan Skinner, Founder of Broman

Who are Broman?

Broman is a London based male grooming brand which designs, manufacturers and retails high quality products inspired from traditional shaving components and materials.

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