The Broman razor

The Broman is a precision cast razor that is a heavyweight in both build and quality. The Broman razor features a single, Swedish steel, precision blade that will cut through facial hair, like a knife through butter.

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Broman - The World's first pivoting safety razor using half DE Blades

The Broman shaving razor now available on Kickstarter
Silver Broman safety razor



The razor is soft and gentle on the skin with a spring loaded head that pivots to your face like a ballerina. The head funnels shave through stubble and foam with ease, like an air through a jet engine!

The great news also gents, is that the Broman razor WILL NOT CLOG!

Man using the Broman razor

What happens when you need a new razor blade?

Just flip open the head, replace the blade and snap shut. It’s that easy.

The packaging

Your new Broman razor will arrive all packaged in a neat little box including a stand, which looks stunning in any bathroom. The stand is also a handy place to store the 6 month supply of Swedish steel, precision blades.

Broman wet shave razor packaging
Broman shaving package

Feedback and reviews

We've already received thousands of comments and feedback on social media from shaving experts and the public on the Broman razor. Here are a few...

Feedback on the Broman razor

The brainchild of Broman

The brainchild and founder of Broman is industrial designer, Dan Skinner. After working in product design for some of the worlds biggest brands in watches, toys and electronics, Dan decided to turn his attention to the shaving industry after becoming frustrated with the design and cost of modern cartridge razors. Following 4 years of design, research and testing, Dan and his team of shaving experts are proud to launch the Broman razor to the world.

Dan Skinner, Founder of Broman

"Apart from a bad shave, what frustrated me most about the shaving industry was how a century old product with so much evolution has gone from being a beautifully simple and effective product in the early 1900's to an over engineered and cheaply produced one today. Add the fact that modern cartridge blades cost a small fortune, can't be recycled and are fundamentally over engineered. I decided I could do better. The Broman razor is a modern razor using traditional components that has been designed with quality in mind."
Dan Skinner, Founder of Broman

Who are Broman?

Broman is a London based male grooming brand which designs, manufacturers and retails high quality products inspired from vintage products and material. Find out more about our story. The tough guys of grooming, we offer a no nonsense service to the everyday man. No subscriptions. No nonsense. Just honest, well designed products at a fair price.

The Broman Razor is a patent pending product which provides the ease of use of a modern razor with the low cost blades and anti clogging features of a vintage safety razor.

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