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We're need your support to put the Broman razor into production. Our goal is to raise £25,000 in the next 30 days to cover the tooling and production costs to manufacture the first batch of Broman razors. Anyone can back and support our campaign today by purchasing our razor on Indiegogo or by providing a donation in support of our project.

By supporting us you will not only receive huge discounts on the Broman razor starting from as little as £25 + P&P with all of the extras, you'll also become part of the Broman community, a community who wants the smoothest shaving experience at a reasonable price.

As a backer we will also keep you updated with our progress throughout our Indiegogo campaign and then into the production of the Broman razor. Once production has completed we will then ship the Broman razor to you with all of the extras in a 100% recyclable box.

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The Broman razor in its stand that looks good in any bathroom

The Broman funding goal

The funding goal is the amount of money we require to complete our project and get the Broman razor into manufacture and production.
Funding on Indiegogo is an all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards the Broman project unless we reach our funding goal of £25,000 and it has to be raised in 30 days.

Why does Broman need Indiegogo?

We are using Indiegogo to bring our idea of the Broman razor to life. The funds raised on Indiegogo will enable us to put Broman into manufacture and production. The backers of our product will also have the opportunity to receive the Broman razor (you can order more than one) and these orders will be fulfilled once the funding goal is reached within the 30 days timeframe.

30 days & counting

We have 30 days to raise £25,000 and make the Broman razor a reality. Every pledge made helps us get closer to our funding target, no matter how small every contribution is welcomed with open arms by the Broman team. Join us today and become a backer of no nonsense shaving and make a smoother shaving experience an invention come true.

Broman razor and blades
Broman shaving razor for men in free travel sleeve
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